Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture

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Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture Edit Maximize Print Azalea is a new annual journal of Korean literature and culture published by the Korea Institute at Harvard University and distributed by the University of Hawai‘i Press. The first volume includes 49 poems, highlighting the importance of poetry in contemporary Korean literature. Among the 10 poets featured are notable world poet Ko Un, a nominee for 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature, and renowned dissident poet Kim Chiha. The second volume features a newly-emerging group of poets and women writers. A special feature on North Korean literature introduces fiction, poetry, and visual materials little-known to the outside world.


Poetry from Azalea

Five Poems by Hwang Jiwoo
Five Poems by Huh Su-gyung
Four Poems by Lee Moon-jae
Five Poems by Ko Un
Five Poems by Song Ch'an-ho